Hulk Hogan talks to Larry King about son Nick and Accident

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live on Tuesday night to discuss the situation surrounding Hogan’s son, Nick. Nick Hogan is currently serving an eight month jail sentence for an accident which has left his friend, John Graziano in a semi-conscience state. The younger Hogan was convicted of reckless driving in the case.

Hogan, who was joined on set by Nick’s lawyer David Houston, told Larry King that he had spoken to his son just prior to appearing on the broadcast. Hogan voiced concerns over the circumstances of his son’s incarceration.

When asked if he thought his son should serve jail time, Hogan said his son wanted to be held accountable for his actions. Hogan stated that others in this situation generally receive probation but suggested that his son was used as an example to others because of who he is.

Hogan denied many of the more damning allegations about the accident such as the report that his son was racing another car at the time of the accident and that Hogan purchased alcohol for his son on the day the accident took place.

Hogan said that his family had been close with Graziano and that he “loved that kid”. Jailhouse tapes of Hogan and his son that were recently released seem to suggest different feelings about Graziano. On the tapes, Hogan is heard saying “For some reason, God laid some heavy $&%* on that kid. I don’t know what he was into”. Hogan and Nick are also heard discussing plans for a new reality show. Hogan said that these statements were made by a desperate father who was trying to keep his son’s mental state together. “Did I say things wrong, yes,” Hogan told King. “I never meant to hurt John or the Graziano family.” Hogan also said that many of his statements were taken out of context.

The Graziano family has filed a civil suit against Nick Hogan and his family. Hogan said he completely understands how Graziano’s parents feel. Hogan said the situation doesn’t change the way he feels about Graziano or his family. Hogan said that he has provided $5,000 a month for John’s mother living expenses and also has helped put John’s brother through college (before the accident).

In response to an email question that asked how he would feel if the situation was reversed, Hogan said, “I would forgive.”

At the end of the broadcast, Hogan began to breakdown and said his main focus is his children and John Graziano. Hogan made multiple references to God and his religion and he said he believes this incident is part of God’s bigger plan. Hogan concluded the interview by saying that he felt that his family had the support of the general public.

Lawyers for the Graziano family will have a response to Hogan’s interview on the CNN Headline News program, Nancy Grace later this week.