“Stone Cold” Steve Austin gets reality TV show…

Steve Austin has signed a developmental pact with Original Media to create a reality TV show with Austin at the center, reports Variety. Original Media’s past work includes “Miami Ink” and they hope to create a concept show with Austin to pitch to network and cable outlets.

“I’m a big fan of wrestling and of his,” said Original Media CEO Charlie Corwin. “He’s a dynamic personality, and I seek out characters that I feel are exciting and dramatic and entertaining. This show’s going to be big, broad, accessible, heroic, and American.”

Variety also reports WWE is not involved in the reality show concept, and Austin will not be using the “Stone Cold” part of his name. Austin is still under contract to WWE for two more motion pictures as part of a three-picture deal.

Austin said he has been approached with many show concepts in the past, but he wasn’t comfortable with the pitches until this one came about. Original Media is keeping a tight lip on the concept, but Austin says, “They came to me a couple of months ago with a vision and show concept that really got me excited.”
*****from pwtorch.com*****