“What’s Up”, with Bruce Mitchell: Up on the Roof at Archer Elementary?????

There was a quote in yesterday’s News and Record and although I didn’t see it, it was brought to my attention today. Bruce Mitchell frequent contributor here and one of the top writers at the Pro Wrestling Torch is also a teacher at Archer Elementary here in Greensboro, that’s his day job.

The kids at Archer Elemetary read over 10.000 books during the past school year and Mr. Mitchell and his fellow collegues had to get up on the school house roof for the last day of school.

Mitchell’s quote as he stood on the roof at Archer Elementary and yelled out to all that would listen in a Monticello-like Thomas Jefferson voice was, “That was the tipping point to INSANITY”.

Did Bruce mean the kids were insane for reading all those books or that he was insane for being up on that roof while his College Foundation of North Carolina creditors looked up at him from the ground below?