Coliseum Adds To Plastic Polution

Just as the Green Conservation folks have determined that PLASTIC BOTTLES are BAD for the Environment, the Greensboro Coliseum has announced they are switching to ALL PLASTIC BOTTLES. Sure, they are adding some recycling containers; but as anyone who has ever attended a coliseum event knows – NOBODY uses the TRASH CANS – What genius thinks they are going to use a cute little recycling container.

The story was covered by the News & Record and WGHP. A video interview at WGHP leds one to believe that the coliseum will cease to serve drinks in paper cups with ice. Paper cups are a lessor threat to the environment.

So, the Coliseum gets a State Grant, a.k.a., TAX MONEY (why are my taxes high?) to buy fancy trash cans for plastic bottles that experimentalists and several cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, St. Louis, amd many more) are now banning the use of Plastic Bottles. The City contributed (MORE TAX MONEY) to make this happen.

Way to GO COLISEUM STAFF, you not only have the highest paid city employees, now you have come up with an idea that the rest of the nation is turning their backs.

UPDATE: The News & Record had a story Friday about the problems with plastic bottles – it was part of a budget story.