Carmine Pagano and Thomas Barksdale on WFMY News2

Carmine Pagano along with Thomas Barksdale were featured on WFMY News2 on the 11pm news on Saturday evening for their work with kids.

Pagano runs Carolina Acceleration Sports on High Point Road and trains local athletes in running and strength conditioning. Pagano has worked with many local high schoolers and college athletes and News2 saw the worthiness of his efforts and did the feature on his helping kids like Kenny Okoro, Jack Shultz, Mitch Atkins and others.

Barksdale is a mentor to kids in the area communities where they need help and the opportunity to have chance to get ahead. Thomas Barksdale has been very active in the Dudley community. Barksdale is also a public motivational speaker and has spoken to many groups over the years about leadership characteristics.

Pagano and Barksdale have seen the need to help kids who have the means to afford the services of Carolina Acceleration and they also have found a way to help other kids who do not have the adequate provisions to attend this type of training facility.

*****Good job by Pagano and Barksdale and we will keep supporting their efforts here at*****