Outing gay athletes week at GS.com

By Bruce Bullington, Senior-Junior Staff Writer

As a fellow retired sports director from the Dusty Dunn Show, I make sure to keep a keen eye for columns written by Senior Writer Jim Modlin. After all, when you have an opportunity to sit at the foot of a master story teller like Dunn, you can’t help but have a little bit of the greatness rub off on you.

So it was no surprise to me at all that Modlin was able to unearth the incredible scoop that NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon was caught in bed with former Cowboys and Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson. One would have thought that Gordon could do better than the 64-year old Fox NFL analyst., but there’s no accounting for taste, is there?

In the world of journalism, there is an old axiom that says that there is no finer source of inside information than the makeup artists of the world. However, since I don’t have the privilege to currently be dating one, I had to rely less reliable sources (Internet message boards) to compile my own list of gay athletes.

Derek Jeter: I know he’s been rumored to have bedded many a starlet, but so was Rock Hudson.

Tyler Hansbrough: Duh, just look at him.

Kordell Stewart: This one is all over the internet. I shouldn’t even get credit for this one.

These are the only names I feel comfortable at this time. It was simply be reckless of me to blindly accuse others without more rock-solid evidence. Mr. Modlin, as senior writer, is always hammering home to us cub reporters to not run with wild speculation and it’s a lesson I always try and remember when I sit down to write. He’s been such an inspiration to my career and all of you that have made comments in his columns about what a hack he is need to sit back and wait for the dust to clear before passing judgement.