An ECHL Team Calls It Quits

The Pensacola Ice Pilots ECHL franchise has been terminated as a result of the franchise notifying the ECHL that it would not play anymore. Notice.

Why would we post about some Florida ECHL Team? Last year, we were told that the only obstacle keeping Greensboro from having an ECHL franchise again was the cost of the franchise. The ECHL foolishly voted to require a minimum value for a franchise – meaning that if Pensacola wanted to sell Greensboro their franchise for a DOLLAR, Greensboro would be required to pay the difference (reported to be a million dollars) to the ECHL.

This policy effectively prohibits ECHL franchises from being sold in a free market and marks another lost chance to bring hockey back to Greensboro.

I was reading the notification, and noticed that the boiler plate about the ECHL was TWICE as long as the facts. It may be possible that the ECHL is having more issues than just losing another team. The movement of players from the ECHL to the NHL is more of a trickle these days. Unlike the glory days when Greensboro Monarchs were members.