Good article on PP in today’s N&R…..

There’s a good article on the Proehlific Power in today’s News and Record. I believe it is on Page C2 just inside the front cover of the Sports Section.

The piece is by Joel Brown and it talks about the Power’s recent success in the tournament out in Omaha, Nebraska. The Power will be back in action tonight and the article by J. Brown has all the details.

In a non-related matter, I keep hearing about several Power players from Northwest Guilford HS that have been selected to attend the new Veritas Sports Academy in the fall. This is an honor to receive this designation and I am hoping that Veritas will hire us to come out and broadcast some of their games.

You know our motto by now, “Have Funds Will Travel”.

*****Here’s a list from one of our earlier comments on the kids that worked out at the Veritas Sports Academy*****
List of kids from Veritas workout include 4 northwest players including Self, Sanders K., Simmons, unknown NW kid tall young – Old NW Reffey, Mark Nales, Grimsley kids – Carter, Russ, Sutphin , Rose, Western SS Neen Marero, 3 NC baseball academy kids – dont know names, Sinkmiller, about 17 at workout.

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  1. The Kernersville Bulldogs scored six runs over the final three innings to earn a 7-5 road victory over the Proehlific Power Wednesday night and extend their current win streak to a season-best five games.

  2. The Kernersville Bulldogs have a really talented team. Alot of their payers are former Guilford Patriots. PP played a decent game, competiing against these college players. It was also a wood bat game. Playing aginst keen competion will only make the Power better prepared for the tournaments ahead. When you get to tournament pay you not only have to be good but lucky as well. Estarlin Paulino pitched really well. He is coming off a sore back and only pitched 4 or 5 innings. Michael Wall continued to hit well for the Power.

  3. It’s good to get the update on John Neese, Nick Rogers, Lester Rivenbark, Alex Starbuck and others….

    This game with PP and KB was much closer than the first go-around in K’ville at Glenn HS.

    Who pitched for both clubs?

  4. JSW beat me to the punch.

    Can you tell us more?????

    Looking better in the spelling lab…..

  5. any body know the roster or the kids that will be attending the new sports school !!!!!!! sound like north west will suffer !!!!!!

  6. List of kids from Veritas workout include 4 northwest players including Self, Sanders K., Simmons, unknown NW kid tall young – Old NW Reffey, mark nales, Grimsley kids – Carter, Russ, Sutphin , Rose, western SS Neen Marero, 3 NC baseball academy kids – dont know names, Sinkmiller, about 17 at workout – excuse spelling

  7. nw fan cant read all your response for the adds on side,
    are they keeping any youg kids for future,up coming
    freshmen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sounds like if they dont they will
    be recruiting every year or 2

  8. While it might look as though NW will be “hurt” by the kids that could possibly go over to Veritas, I would be more concerned if I were a Grimsley fan. I believe that NW only lost two senior starters this year and they have a strong rising class of seniors led by Swim, McIntosh, Clemmons, etc. so next year looks bright. On the other hand, Grimsley lost a large number of senior starters. If the younger Grimsley players listed in nwfan’s post leave the Whirlies will be hard pressed to replace them.

    On another note about Veritas, has anyone heard who will be coaching the baseball team there?

    Finally, is it just me or does anyone else think it’s unusual for the Director of Personnel for Guilford County Schools to be on the board of a start-up school that will be hiring teachers, administrators, etc.? Just a thought and no conspiracy theory, I promise.

  9. did not mean to ruffle any feathers their dweeb,i dont know who will
    be hurt worse,just going by what i read on here,maybe both nw and
    grimsley will be hurting,any way it will be interesting.

  10. Hey bazela…

    No ruffled feathers on my part, just an observation. From the looks of things there could be a number of local HS programs affected by Veritas. I wonder what would happen if this new academy doesn’t open as planned. You think the local HS coaches would take the “defectors” back?

  11. I don’t care how bad my day is; I can all ways count on this site for a good laugh each day. New schools old schools who cares! Parents and kids move every day. People have been moving for years to help their kids get ahead in sports. If they are lucky the family stays together many are shipped off to attend private schools in another state. So in the big picture stop thinking of your self and be happy that these area kids have a chance to improve be around friends and stay together as a family.

    Look at some of the names being kicked around for this school. How big of an impact will it truly make? Many of them are solid players but will not make or break a time alone. It does look like GHS and NWH will be impacted. I see a lot of key players on both rosters staying at their current schools. Coach A and G will just have to work a little harder to stay on top. Find new ways of winning with talent that may not have been used this year. Many families should be happy this might give their kid a chance to work in this off-season and find a position on the team next year.

    For the GHS parents’ working in the off-season doesn’t mean at GBC if this bothers you. You are able to use the fields at many of the area schools, spend some quality time with you kid and get a work out your self. Go to the field and work with them, not all kids that make it are able to attend a GBC or NCBA many make it on old fashion hard work and not mom and dads wallet. I would be willing to be that some of the kids that coach A is being accused of playing are out there working with some one every week. Talent and hard work by both kids and parents can go just as far as $. If one was to take a good look at these kids that everyone is talking about, each one of them has a solid work ethic. When you see a coaches kid playing every one loves to say it is because of his dad, do you think that it might be that his dad works with him away from the practice field and the kid is truly the best player for the position. I know this isn’t true all of the time but in many cases it proves to be true.

  12. Please someone explain who is bankrolling VSA. How much is tuition? Is this boarding school or day only?

  13. Update on Proehlific Power. Since coming back home the Power has gone 2-0 defeating Cary American Legion 10-1 and Burlington-Graham Legion 5-1. Michael Dimock was the winning pitcher at Cary and Estarlin Paulino was the winner against Graham with Timmy Dezearn getting the save. Matt Nettesheim led off the game at Cary with a home run. The Power goes to Winston tonite toplay their Legion team and in Caldwell County Saturday and Radford Virginia on Sunday.

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