Sorry, No room at the Inn-The “IN” at the Wyndam Pro-Am, that is…..

With the Wyndham Championship coming to town the week of August 11-17, I had what I thought was a good idea. A friend and ex teammate of mine, a name we all know now, Bob Mckillop-Davidson basketball coach- I was hoping to add to the Pro-am field if media man, Rob Goodman and tournament director, Mark Brazil could approve of the idea.

I got in touch with Rob yesterday afternoon and presented the possibility of one of the biggest names in college coaching playing in the Pro-am. Well, here’s the no room at the inn- a great sign for the tournament-the Pro-am has been filled-sold out for players since March! Rob thought it was a terrific idea and liked the intent,but when you have NO rooms-no spots open-no way Rocco [he is scheduled to play, by the way-last name- Mediate, for the non golfers] Non pro players pay a sizeable fee to play in the Pro-am. The funds raised go to area charities……so it’s all good at Sedgefield.

Back to coach Mckillop for a few lines. Most folks don’t know Bob played East Carolina his first two years before transferring to Hofstra. He was a terrific point guard and helped us get to the Southern Conference finals where we lost to Lefty and the Davidson Wildcats. I’ll never forget getting named to first team All Tournament at the old Charlotte Coliseum-capacity 11,666-biggest arena in the state at the time-and watching the Davidson boosters give Lefty a big, beautiful red Buick convertible, which they drove onto the court during the post game ceremonies-hoping to persuade Lefty to stay at Davidson. Well, he drove the Buick to Maryland!

I don’t think Bob will be leaving Davidson anytime soon. He just signed a long term contract with the school. Today Bob will be leaving for Argentina, where he will be coaching the USA 18 and under national team this summer. Bob recruits all over the world, especially Europe, where he has many camps in the summer and lots of contacts for players.

Good luck to the USA 18 and under team and to all the fine people involved in the Wyndham Championship.

Don’t forget those dates the tournament-August 11-18 at the historic Sedgefield Country Club.

*****from Jim Modlin, Golf Columnist and senior writer for*****