The kid that tried to hit the SEG fans is going to Dodger Stadium…..

Daniel Tuttle, the kid who tried not once, but twice to hit the Southeast Guilford fans standing along the first base fence at SEG High School in a game between Randleman HS and SEGHS back in April, well my friends, this kid Daniel Tuttle of Randleman HS, he’s headed to Dodger Stadium to play in big-time baseball game on August 9.

Tuttle(3B) tried to intentionally overthrow his RHS Tiger first-baseman during between inning warmups and he sent over some long shots and a one-hopper that almost took out Ed Bigham, Mr. Cockamn(Cam’s dad), Austin Moyer, and Keith Miller.

Bottom Line:the Tuttle kid is heading to Dodger Stadium:
COLUMBUS, Ga. -Aflac announced today during an on-field presentation held at Turner Field that OF/RHP Drew Steckenrider (Greater Atlanta Christian HS) of Lawrenceville, Ga.; OF Donovan Tate (Cartersville HS) of Cartersville, Ga.; C/3B Luke Bailey (Troup HS) of LaGrange, Ga.; RHP Zack Wheeler (East Paulding HS) of Dallas, Ga.; OF Braxton Lane (Sandy Creek HS) of Tyrone, Ga.; INF/RHP Richie Schaffer (Providence HS) of Charlotte; RHP/INF Daniel Tuttle (Randleman HS) of Randleman, N.C.; OF Brian Goodwin (Rocky Mount HS) of Rocky Mount, N.C.; RHP/OF Keyvius Sampson (Forest HS) of Ocala, Fla.; INF/OF Jacson Thompson (Germantown HS) of Germantown, Tenn.; and LHP Ian Krol (Neuqua Valley HS) of Naperville, Ill. have been selected to the 2008 Aflac All-American High School Baseball Game roster. The eleven stars were honored by Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith and Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones, who presented them with their official team jerseys.

The premier high school All-American game in the country, the Aflac All-American Game will take place Saturday, Aug. 9 in Dodger Stadium and will be broadcast live on FOX Sports Net at noon Pacific Time.
*from Foxsports*


  1. You want comments? Here are some –

    first off – congratulations to Mr. Tuttle and the other kids from North Carolina – Brian Goodwin and Richie Schaffer for making this team, quite an honor and I’m sure well deserved for ALL three young men. However it would have been nice to have read about the honor without more of “Andy’s mud slinging.”

    As for you Andy – this little grudge you have over this incident (an incident you didn’t even witness only heard second hand) at SEG is beyond juvenile. The fact you have to bring it up once again shows you are still have the mindset of a 14 year old.

    You are an adult. Act like one.

  2. Mark, this is how people who were at that game remember this kid. Just as it was told to me by several fans who attended the Southest Guilford-Randleman game. Many readers probably never even heard of this kid until they read about him here at The way I wrote it up, that’s the way it was.

    I do think that now most observers look back at the incident and are ready to laugh it off. When I think about the game now and the cicumstances that surrounded it, I don’t have a problem, I just laugh and move on.

    No matter how I wrote about the honor bestowed on Tuttle, I think it is great for a local kid to get a chance to go to this game out in LA, otherwise I wouldn’t have even mentioned it all.

    Part of the old saying goes, “If I’m not talking about you then you need to be worrying”.

    Good Job Daniel Tuttle.

  3. I’m not sure I would put that in print unless you were there and saw it for yourself. It happens every now and then at my son’s school and nobody accuses anyone of anything intentional.

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