COLT puzzle pieces coming together…..

Wednesday afternoon Grimsley made quick work of Northern Guilford as the Whirlies topped the Nighthawks 10-0 in four and a half innings. George Carter struck out somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 of the 15 batters he faced. Northern could get nothing going against Carter and all Carter’s teammates had to do was stay back and be ready just in case a ball came their way and very few ever did come out to them.

Grimsley will face Jamestown(Ragsdale) on Friday in the COLT tournament semifinals. Jamestown gave Western Guilford the early part of game number two on Wednesday night but in the end, Jamestown took the game back over and they will face Grimsley on Friday at 2pm at War Memorial Stadium. Jamestown was up on WG 9-4 entering the top of the 7th inning when I pulled out of the park last night.

Western Guilford led 4-1 before everything became unglued for the Hornets. Western was right in the middle of an upset bid before Jamestown made some key plays and got some hits and there was an aborted pick-off play at third that killed WG and kept Jamestown in the game. Once Jamestown tied the game at 4-4 the Tigers were on a roll and they totally took over the ball game.

The word coming out of War Memorial Stadium is that South Carolina is after Jamestown CF DeSean Anderson. The Gamecocks are ready to offer a nice deal to Anderson but after baseball season he still has to quarterback the Ragsdale football team this fall. Anderson is a great athlete, probably one of the best in our area.

Coach Woods has done super job coachng Western Guilford. WG is missing 4 players who are playing travel ball(Macon Smith and Neen Marrero with Scott Bankhead and the NC Baseball Academy) but again Woods really has done a solid job of keeping his Hornets together.

Speaking of together, we saw a lot of the locals at last night’s games including, “The Legend of Pleasant Graden”, Charlie Pannell. We also ran into Kevan, Sharon, and Megan Moore; Rick Carter, Randy Carter, Larry Farrer, James Russ, Ray Crawford, Don Stowe, Donnie Stowe, and quite a few other local baseball fans.

Looking ahead to Friday and the Fourth of July semifinals we have Northwest Guilford#1 vs. Dudley#1 at 12 noon and then Grimsley faces Jamestown at 2pm in the second game of doubleheader COLT semi action at War Memorial Stadium. NWG#1 comes in ranked number one and Dudley will be primed for the upset and in game number two, we have a Jamestown team loaded with talent facing a Grimsley bunch led by Coach Alan Ashkinazy, that looked very confident in their pitching during the 10-0 smackdown of Northern on Wednesday afternoon.

Again that’s NWG#1 vs. Dudley#1 at 12 noon on Friday and
Jamestown vs. Grimsley at 2pm…..Both games at War Memorial Stadium…..

2 thoughts on “COLT puzzle pieces coming together…..

  1. Andy,
    As always, we remain committed to the programs who have given our family special memories!

  2. Lots of teams have players that are away from Colt games from time to time due to showcase schedules. Grimsley has several players that play showcase. Ragsdale has 8 starters playing showcase at teams such as Impact, The Heat, Prepstars and the Academy. Western isn’t the only one missing players.

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