Results from Greensboro Parks and Recreation Tournaments…

I talked with downtown GPR officials today and got the winners from the recent Greensboro Parks and Recreation Youth Baseball Tournaments held back in June.

In the 9 and 10 year old age group(formerly Mustang) it was:
“A” Bracket-CWC Cougars defeated the TO Tigers, 5-4…..
“B” Bracket-R&R #1 won over Windsor Homes by forfeit(Windsor didn’t have enough players to show up and they could not play the game)

In the 11-12 year old age group(formerly Bronco) it was:
“A” Bracket-Pleasant Garden #3 topped Pleasant Garden #1, 6-2…..
“B” Bracket-BSM Titans won out over the BSM Country Store, 3-2…..

In the 13-14 year old age group(formerly Pony) it was:
“A” Bracket-R&R #1 over Pleasant Garden #2, 10-1…..
“B” Bracket-R&R #2 past the BSM Knights, 6-2…..
*****Three titles for the R&R Athletics*****

+++++I also learned today that there is a Men’s Wooden Bat Slowpitch Softball League with 6 teams conducting games at the Rankin Field off of Summit Avenue on Monday and Thursday nights until the end of July. I also heard today that Greensboro(not necessarily affiliated with the GPR) will be taking a COLT team down to Myrtle Beach for a very BIG tournament coming up the last week of this month.+++++