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The Veritas Sports Academy basketball team has been invited to participate in the 13th annual Basketball Academy in Baltimore, MD, January 15-17, 2009. The goal of the Basketball Academy is to encourage young people through sports, education, mentoring and developmental programs.

In addition to playing two games against the likes of Dunbar High School out of Maryland, the Warriors will venture out into the Baltimore community and visit local hospitals and take in the local culture. “The program is not just about playing basketball” says Veritas head coach Keith Gatlin, “but about enriching the lives of the athletes and expanding their horizons beyond basketball.”

The program was started in 1995 under former University of Maryland coach Bob Wade. Wade was disgruntled with student/athletes being taken advantage of by tournaments without an academic component and sought to create a program that honored the student/athlete for accomplishments both off and on the basketball courts. The Academy is made possible by a collaborative partnership between the Baltimore City Public School System, the 100 Black Men of Maryland, Inc., and the Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma theta Sorority, Inc.

The Academy has produced MVPs to the likes of former Connecticut guard and Memphis Grizzlie player Rudy Gay and George Washington University’s Shanta Rogers who is now playing in Europe. Student/athletes from each school will attend workshops that will assist in SAT preparation, the college admissions process, health and substance abuse, banking and other life-skill seminars.

For more information on Veritas Sports Academy visit their website at www.veritassportsacademy.org or contact Jim Beck, Sports Information Director at jbeck@veritassportsacademy.org.

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  1. Is that the same Bob Wade that got Maryland on probation and also got fired for his actions? GS.com give us the whole story on these people when you post something.

  2. You might be able to learn a few important life skills yourself be listening to Bob Wade. Bob has been to the moutain tops and then saw it all come crashing down.

    Bob has made a great comeback and he can help the kids and that’s what he is trying to do.

  3. Let’s give the guy a break for helping out kids. I believe we are talking about something that happened 20 years ago. I suggest Greg take a look in the mirror. I have done things in the past that I am not particularly proud of but hopefully over time I have found forgiveness. I checked out the website for the Basketball Academy and I was pretty impressed. Hey Greg, go volunteer and help a few kids out.

  4. If Bobby Knight or Coach K or Dean Smith were doing it I would go, there has never been one word said about these guys cheating. Is Kelvin Sampson one of the guest speakers at the camp or will he just phone it in.

  5. So Greg, your all for Bobby Knight teaching the kids how to throw chairs, temper tantrums and physically attack people. No one is perfect and if that was the criteria for helping people no one would get help.

  6. All I know is that Bob Wade is Bad Dude, he coaches ball and he looks like Shaft .

    Who is this Greg guy and who does he think he is?

  7. I think GS.com should promote good role models on this site not some coach that got kicked out of coaching for cheating. Bobby Knight left on his owm terms.

  8. Bobby Knight a role model? You’ve got to be kidding. What have you been drinking or smoking?

    Veritas Sports

  9. Bobby Knight could be hired today by a number of schools that would want him—that is more than I can say for Bob Wade.

  10. Greg, give the kids participating in this program a break. This possibly could affect one of them in a positive way. Wouldn’t that be great to read about on greensborosports.com? Let’s stop pointing fingers and pull for the kids. This is not about Bobby Knight. Bob Wade is not the only person involved in this event. How about the players involved visiting children’s hospitals while they are participating in the Basketball Academy-sounds like a worthy cause to me. Move on to a topic that really smells bad like the A-Rod mess. Thanks Andy for reporting the good stuff.

  11. OK Greg, since you don’t want to take the time to know why Coach Wade was dismissed from the University of MD. let me explain to you why. He was dismissed because HE gave a player a ride to class and an assistant coach(not Wade) sold tournament tickets. Not for illegal recruiting, not for giving or receiving money, not for changing a players grade for eligibilty, but for giving a player a ride to class. WHAT!? Apparently under NCAA rules, this a major violation. The athletic boosters wanted ANOTHER coach when Coach Wade was hired and looked for any reason to have him fired. So if giving a player a ride to class so they can receive an education is cheating, cheat on Coach Wade. With that said, I truly hope this program is sincere about educating their young players for life after basketball. I wish this program well and much success.

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