Mark Blinker update on Video Sweepstakes

Greensboro’s own Earl Jones stood alone for the Video Sweepstakes games, Mark Blinker reports in the News & Record. It looks as if the state will close the loop hole that permitted these devices. The vote was 116-1.

Personal note. Last night Doug Cockman funded me to play the games. I’m a former pinball and video game junkey from the 1980’s. When out drinking in Greensboro’s various establishments, I’d drop a few dozen quarters to play pinball and video games. My experience last night was no different from my playing games two decades ago – I drank beer and played video games. I probably spent no more or no less money (Doug’s money) playing last night than I did 20 years ago.

While I won more than a few times, I continued rolling my winnings into the games, which allowed me to play longer. Pretty much the same thing as winning credits/free games.

If there was not the potential to win money back, I would not have played. I’ve seen way too many people feed video game machines tens of dollars over one night. GOLD TEE, the golf game, was a good example of people dropping big bills just to play for fun. Where do you draw the line between entertainment and gaming?

Close one loop hole, another one will crop up. They can’t stop it, so why not embrace it.