Former Greensboro Hornet Don Mattingly to join Dodgers as hitting coach…..

Former Greensboro Hornet outfielder Don Mattingly is set to join the LA Dodgers as their hitting coach. Here’s Donald Arthur Mattingly, better known as Donnie Baseball’s Greensboro Hornet stats from 1980, the only year he spent in Greensboro.

1980 Greensboro +.358avg., 133 games, 494 at bats, 92 runs, 177 hits, 32 doubles, 5 triples, 9 home runs, 105 RBI’s…..

The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly poised to change hitting coaches at midseason for the second consecutive year.

The Dodgers, whose offense has struggled this season, will replace Mike Easler with Don Mattingly when the team returns from the All-Star break, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing an anonymous source close to the situation. Mattingly’s first game would be at Arizona on July 18.

Manager Joe Torre declined comment when asked about the expected change, the Times reported.

The Dodgers are tied for 10th in batting average (.256) in the 16-team National League, 13th in runs scored (371), 10th in on-base percentage (.323) and second to last in total bases.

Mattingly, who was on Torre’s staff with the New York Yankees and at one point was considered his likely successor as Yankees manager, followed Torre to L.A. as hitting coach. But he resigned from the Dodgers’ coaching staff in January to devote attention to family matters, as he was in the midst of a divorce.