Top Stories of the Day…

The Top Stories of the Day have to be:
#1) Josh Hamilton(out of Raleigh) and his 28 home runs in round one of last night’s Home Run Derby. I was listening to the updates from the contest on 99.9 the Fan out of Raleigh on the way back into town and Hamilton is the talk of the nation today even though he finished second in the overall competition. Who is Justin Morneau and what did he do?

Believe it not, our Northwest Guilford Vikings beat Josh Hamilton and Raleigh Athens Drive for the State 4-A baseball championship back in 1998.

#2) The Return of Brett Farve to the Green Bay Packers or another NFL team. Green Bay wants Farve to hold the clipboard and be the backup but Farve wants to play and Tampa Bay might get in the hunt for Farve or some experts say that Farve would fit in best with the Carolina Panthers and his new prime target, Steve Smith.

#3) CBS severing ties with Billy Packer. This will continue to be a hot topic until next year’s NCAA Final Four rolls around.

*****Former NBA ref Tim Donahy making all of those phone calls and Peyton Manning on the shelf for 4-6 weeks with his injury are just down the road a piece from Billy.*****