With the last year of the famed and historic Yankee Stadium, plus the 79th All Star game’s completion, I thought it would be a good time to share a story about going to Yankee Stadium.

Like lots of kids growing up back in the day, baseball ruled your life. I was no exception-lived, breathed and loved baseball. I, like many other kids loved the Yankees-Mantle, Maris, Whitey Yogi and all the rest. Well, my Grandfather, Henry Modlin,Sr. worked for the railroad as a brakeman. He knew how much I loved the Yankees and decided we would got to New York and see the Yankees.

I’ll never forget the feeling as 10 year old and actually seeing the place and lo and behold ALL of my heroes were there in person right in front of me! They were playing Kansas City at our game. I could go on and on, but here’s is the extra special part of the story. Many years later, in 1976, my Grandmother died at as we were getting ready to go to the funeral my Grandfather came out of the house smiling and handed me the ticket stubs to the game that had been in his suit jacket pocket the entire time. We were not regular “suit wearing” guys obviously! I was thrilled again!

Those stubs are framed in my trophy case in a place of honor. By the way, the price for the tickets- a whopping $1.30! I returned to the stadium a couple of times after that-seeing Reggie hit #400 and the day BEFORE the famous George Brett pine-tar game, but nothing could match that first ONE!! If you haven’t been to THE stadium, you better hurry-this year is it’s farewell season, making way for the new one right next door.

*****from Jim Modlin GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM*****