Was the sentence too light for Lowe II?

Sidney Lowe II was sentenced to 15 months at the Guilford County Prison Farm on Tuesday by Judge Henry Frye Jr.

Was this too light of load for II who was facing 23 years and now he ends up with 15 months at the Guilford County Farm, which is a minimum security prison?

Sidney Lowe II was on trial for home invasion, drug possesion, firearms charges, and other assorted violations which at one time could have reached the status of kidnapping and attempted murder for what hapened on that Saturday afternoon at UNCG.

Would Lowe have received the minimum of at least three years on these charges, or time closer to the 23 years max, if his dad Sidney Lowe Sr. was not the basketball coach at N.C. State?


  1. Doug Clark makes the point that the fact that HIS FATHER was in court made a lot of the difference – http://blog.news-record.com/staff/offtherecord/archives/2008/07/i_believe_sidne.shtml

    This is the same thing that Barack Obama is stating – you MUST take responsibility for your actions. Fathers MUST be part of their kids lives.

    I doubt that Sydney Lowe’s position as the Head Coach at NC State was as important as the fact that he had the time and resources to be there for his son NOW. How his son got to this point will be discussed for some time; but he stepped up where other Dads have stepped out.

  2. Judge Frye is a former Smith High School basketball player. Maybe that had some influence on his decision.

  3. Sentence is comparable to similar situations. It’s about right.

    Lowe regrest not being more active in his son’s life but at what point does the kid have to take some responsibility? You parent the best you can but when they leave the house anything could happen.

  4. People should not be held to a higher standard or penalty based on their race.

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