Which Tar Heel Needs Money?

This piece came in yesteday from our associate Bruce Mitchell:

850 the Buzz Blog reader Jason was scouring eBay when he stumbled upon a 2005 NCAA Championship ring given to North Carolina players. From eBay:

There is a UNC players NCAA National Championship Ring year 2005 for sale. It’s in immaculate condition. Its made of 10 Karat yellow Gold and has a Genuine Diamond on both sides of the year 2005. It weights approx 32.28 grams.

The bidding starts at $1,500, and you’ll notice the players name has been blocked out. So who would cash in their memories? A stab in the dark says Rashad McCants, probably wanting to rid all those reminders of his time in prison.

UPDATED: Either Roy Williams got extra bling on his ring compared to the players, or the ring is simply a fraud. The rings don’t match. Perhaps a ring for family members, or a ring for non-starters?

UPDATEDx2: Question…answered. The ring is the standard issue NCAA ring, which every winning team receives. Individual schools will create their own rings, obviously with more bling. It appears that somebody is just unloading the lesser ring.

*****You can see the ring by going to 850thebuzz.com and checking out their blogs.*****