Shark stole my wife, says heartbroken Mill…

Chris Evert’s former husband says his former best friend, Australian golf great Greg Norman, stole his wife.

The romance destroyed Andy Mill’s 18-year marriage, News Ltd newspapers said.

Mill said he was broken-hearted by the betrayal.

“Greg Norman at one time was my best friend and a year-and-a-half ago I would have taken a bullet for this guy,” he said.

“But I didn’t realise he was the one who was going to pull the trigger.”

Mill, an Olympic ski champion, lost his marriage when Evert filed for divorce last November, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Evert, a former tennis champion, and Norman were romantically linked in media reports since late October.

The reports came at the time Evert revealed her separation.

Mill, 53, said his December 4 divorce and multimillion-dollar settlement was “the worst day in my life”.

Evert, 52, was named the primary caregiver of the couple’s three sons. Mill has “reasonable” visitation rights.

Mill said he wanted to keep his family together.

“Regarding the money and the settlement, I would have paid twice that to keep my family in place,” Mill said.

“The most important thing for me is my family and my kids – and just trying to keep them grounded. Chris understands they (the boys) need me as much as they need her.”

Norman has been in the headlines this week, with his lawyers threatening his soon-to-be ex-wife with defamation.

The Australian golf great and his legal team were infuriated with allegations by Laura Norman’s legal team this week in a Florida court.

In her emergency request to Florida’s Martin County Court for financial relief, Ms Norman claimed her husband changed the locks on their $US21 million ($25.7 million) Florida mansion and cut off her credit cards in an attempt to “coerce” and “starve her out” during the ongoing $US300 million ($367 million) divorce proceedings.

The bitterness between the husband and wife of 25 years has generated headlines around the world.

The claims made by Ms Norman this week of being locked out of the Jupiter Island mansion, the cutting off of credit cards and the firing of a housekeeper were splashed across newspapers around the world, particularly in Australia.

*****from the and golf columnist Jim Modlin*****


  1. Could you please put stories like this on Dr. Phils web site, most sports fans could care less about these has beens.

  2. Hey who said The Shark never came through in the clutch?
    This win only cost him millions of dollars though….hope it was worth it.

  3. Why is he blaming Norman instead of blaming his ex? If he would have kept her happy she wouldn’t have left him. I’m sure there are other things going on than ” Noman stole my wife!”

  4. Dude if you’re going up against The Shark you got to know the competition is going to be tough!
    Sundays would be your only day off. heh heh heh

    You know it’s Greg Norman’s fault, cause he’s got bucks.

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