We might want to follow this one:Farve plans to report to camp…

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) – Brett Favre has told the Green Bay Packers he plans to report to training camp this weekend, according to an NFL Network report Friday — a move perhaps designed to force the team to quickly work out a trade for the three-time MVP.

According to the report, Favre told Packers general manager Ted Thompson on Thursday that he plans to report to camp and will formally petition NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to be reinstated as early as Friday.

Favre’s presence in camp could cause a major distraction for the Packers, providing the team additional motivation to work out a trade.

The team committed to moving on with Aaron Rodgers after Favre retired in early March, led them to believe he was coming back in late March, then decided to stay retired — until he apparently changed his mind once again in recent weeks.

Packers players are scheduled to move into their dorm rooms on Saturday, and their first team meeting is scheduled for Sunday morning. Their first practice is Monday morning.
*****This one has everyone talking and I say again, “Why do they start camp so early”? The Redskins have already sustained three key injuries in less than one week of practice. Above news on Farve from our friends at foxsports.com.*****

4 thoughts on “We might want to follow this one:Farve plans to report to camp…

  1. That guy needs to stop being such a fickle prima donna.
    Somebody just tell him they love him and let him preen and move on.

  2. Personally, I don’t understand why Favre wouldn’t have just applied for reinstatement and then no-showed for camp. They keep talking about how the Packers would have stuck it to him by fining him the $15,000 a day for camp absence, but if my calculations are correct…30 days multiplied by $15,000 would only be $450,000. Subtract that from the $12 million he’d be getting from the Packers and that would be a nice little profit.

    Anyhow, by Favre showing up, it does force the Packers hand. He has to apply for reinstatement first, but once he does that, they really have no choice but to trade him. They real question is, will they trade him to a team that Favre has no desire to play for?

  3. Just let the guy play. If Farve wants to play let him play football for somebody let him play.

    Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Atlanta, New York Jets, just let him PLAY.

    Go Brett Farve!

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