Page and Grimsley football practices/No more housecalls for Dr. Brewer…..

I was at the Page practice this morning and I stopped by Grimsley last night.

These are not official practices. Page is working a mini-camp to help get the kids ready for Friday and Grimsley is doing a lot of the same things only in the evening. Grimsley has to replace QB Zach Maynard and about 23 other seniors and Coach Saunders is really challenging his kids to step up and be leaders. That’s the challenge to the remaining older players.

Page has Will Newman and he is rolling with a ready-made offense. It was very humid at the Page practice this morning and the Pirates will roll for real this Friday morning at 8am and carry on until about 10:30am and then they are done for the day. The first three days of practice have to be in helmets, T-shirts, and shorts only and then you can add shoulder pads after the third day and then full pads come on board after six complete practices.

I will have more on this blog later today as we look ahead to all of the teams starting practice on Friday at sometime in the day.

Grimsley will return David Ray and Lay Lay Brown to the offensive backfield this season to go with the newcomer at quarterback, Josh Patterson.(Lay Lay Brown is out of town this week with Ray Crawford Sr.’s Colt Baseball team in the tournament down in Myrtle Beach.) The Whirles will open on the road at Martinsville and then they will host Northern Durham and Dudley on the following Fridays. Grimsley has a scrimmmage at WS Carver next Wednesday and then they go to Davie County for a scrimmage on Friday August 8.

Page will have a scrimmage next week and then another on Friday August 15 with the planned season-operner on August 22. I also heard that Eastern Guilford is scrimmaging Burlington Cummings and Burlington Williams next week.

Based on the talk around the water bucket in the Metro 4-A the predictions are running:
2)East Forsyth
3)TIE:Grimsley and High Point Central
5)Northwest Guilford

No talk yet on the Reidsville Football Jamboree which usually happens on a Saturday in early August each year. A few years back, Guilford County held a Jamboree but lately our guys have been going in opposite directions.

*****Long-time Western Guilford and Guilford College football team physician Dr. James(Jim) C. Brewer passed away on Monday. Brewer took care of the WG Hornets and the GC Quakers for many years with those pre-season physicals at NO CHARGE. Brewer was also the attending doctor at all the teams’ games. Brewer was probably the best community doctor in the history of mankind. He had a wife named Martha and four children; Gordon, Jimmy, Cynthia, and Diane.

It’s hard to forget those good docs and even harder to replace them.*****