What do next week’s PGA Championship and The Wyndam Championship have in common?

Let’s go ahead and get the blatantly obvious ones out of the way: 1. both are golf courses 2. both are holding a PGA event 3. both fully infested with squirrels 4. both have lots of trees……….that’s enough of that. You do know the punch line is a little more remote, especially for the non golfers in the audience.

Both courses were designed by the most famous golf course designer of his era-the one and only-Donald Ross. The Oakland Hills track in Michigan officially opened in 1918 and had the legendary Walter Hagan as it’s first club pro. Sedgefield opened eight years later in 1926 and was the birthplace of The Atlantic Coast Conference in 1953.

I’ve tried to find out if and when two PGA events were held back to back on Donald Ross courses, but I can’t find any records on that one. The 90th. PGA Championship will be held at Oakland Hills August 7-10th. and the following week, August 14-17th. The Wyndham Championship will be held at Sedgefield. As far as I can find out this may be the first time two PGA events were played on Donald Ross course in consecutive weeks. If anyone out there has information to the contrary, let us know.

Either way, the significance of moving back to Sedgefield cannot be overstated. This year’s field will attest to that and future fields will confirm the move further.

Now, it’s up to fans of golf and major sporting events in the area and region to head back to Forsyth Drive and enjoy our only MAJOR LEAGUE event that Greensboro can lay claim to.

*****from Jim Modlin golf columnist, GREENSBOROSports.com*****