Olympics: Sports or Paid Entertainment

Something called the Olympics is coming up soon, I understand. It’s supposed to be really BIG and includes almost every athlete in the world. Then why don’t I have a clue????

Actually, I do.

The problem is that this event is owned by NBC. That means that we must watch it on an NBC-controlled channel or wait to heard about it after it happens a day or so later. Once again, NBC will schedule major events for PRIME TIME, meaning it could be as much as a DAY before results can be released because the Olympics are being held on the other side of the earth – which is a few hours different from us.

I never realized how ignorant we were about this until a friend of mine from the Far East explained how the Olympics were done there. Then I recalled, hey they used to do that here as well – LIVE mean LIVE, even if it was 4 AM our time.

So while many are waiting 12 hours or more to see what NBC thinks you should see, the citizens around the world will be watching the Olympics as they happen. And I might be watching them LIVE as well, if the INTERNET comes through.