More news on the Myrtle Beach Summer Nationals

Carmine Pagano and Rod Gorham and the GBC finished 6th in the 11s going 3-1. The High Point Storm, coached by Scott Wilkinson made it to the championship bracket and finished in 10th place at 1-3.

Also in the 12’s, the Richmond Rockies coached by Henry McDuffie finished 4th with a record of 4-2. And the always competitive GBC, coached by Rod Gorham and Carmine Pagano finished 5th with a record of 4-1.

The GBC 10’s, coached by Scott Clemons finished 8th in a 32 team bracket with a record of 3-2.

The R&B Aggies, coached by Tavis Neal and Ray Crawford went on a hot streak and won the Silver Bracket going 4-3.

They had 243 teams from 28 states at the tournament, 60 of these teams were from the great state of North Carolina!