Wyndham Championship: A pictorial preview with Sedgefield’s Head Pro-Rocky Brooks ‏

We thought it would be a good idea to give you a preview of Sedgefield’s beautiful 18 holes, in preparation for next week’s Wyndham Championship. Our tour guide was Head Golf Professional at Sedgefield, Rocky Brooks. We know that Rocky just might be the busiest man in Greensboro right now, if he’s not he’s definitely our leader in the clubhouse! Let me add, that Rocky is one of the nicest, most cordial and accommodating men I’ve dealt with in a long time. Sedgefield has the right man on the job.

Let me tell you about the course and setup before we get to the pictures. For those of you not familiar with the track, Sedgefield is much more hilly than the general area terrain. Get ready to do some hill climbing, if you follow your favorite pro. The primary rough will be 2 1/2″ of bermuda grass-imagine a soft-thick brillo pad. The greens will be moderately fast, 10-11 on the stimpmeter, for you guys that are familiar with green speed. Now, here’s the equalizer, the fairways will be between 25 and 28 yards wide, less than 3 first downs! That is tight! Having said the above, the weather could affect the entire deal-rain or lack thereof, in particular.

Rocky and I started on hole no.1-we figured out that together! We took a picture on each tee and on 2 shot holes, we took a second shot from about where we[Rocky] figured the pros would hit from. Hopefully the pictures give you some idea of the layout and some of the beautiful views and vistas-i.e. golf hole the pros will be playing. The entire area would make a beehive look like a funeral home-I mean more activity, work, trucks,V.I.P.’s, scaffolding and luxury boxes than you could hit with a 1 iron! Did I tell you about the luxury boxes? I asked Rocky if you could buy [rent] a nicer luxury box. The answer was “no”-period. These things are self contained, tinted windows, bars-imagine that-kitchens, with a viewing deck on top……A++. By the way, everything out there from the general signage to the luxury boxes was first class. It should be a fine week, to say the least!
*****from Jim Modlin covering The Wyndham for GREENSBOROSports.com*****


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