Trial run on Monday at the Wyndham Championship

‏I went by Sedgefield this morning to see how the famed course looked all dressed up for The Wyndham, which started today, with the AIG Pro-Am. The course is absolutely beautiful, as far as the 18 holes are concerned. There are more booths, signs, viewing areas, officials, trash cans, party-corporate tents, functional work tents, police cars, police in their cars, volunteers, whew, that’s enough-you get the pictures!

Now, here is what the days leading up to the first day of the real tournament, which is Thursday, are for: trial and error, trial and fix, iron out the kinks, change what looked good on paper and not so good on asphalt, amend parking policy to suit needs, and generally give the area a chance to hold ALL that comes with a PGA tournament in 2008. When you look back on the last one held at Sedgefield in 1976, nothing is the same, not even the course, although the course changes are subtle. But you throw in how different the area-community-world are today and it is almost like the first time ever at the Donald Ross course.

I know Mark Brazil-Tournament Director and Rob Goodman-Media Relations Director will get it all smoothed out by Thursday. A little free advice for you guys who plan on attending: start a little earlier than you think you might need to in order to find your new favorite spot or catch your favorite PGA Pro.

All the boys with the tournament know they have a window to take this tournament to the highest level-short of a major-the first year back a Sedgefield is that window-it will only happen once-that’s this week-this Thursday-the motto for the return to Sedgefield is “A++” I believe when the grading comes in Sunday afternoon late, after the winner of The Sam Snead Trophy has been awarded, the grade will be A++! If it just wasn’t for those darn narrow roads in front of the estates………..hey, that’s part of what makes Sedgefield what it is-A++!
*****from Jim Modlin, covering The Wyndham for*****