Assignment Football

Back in the day when I was still playing football every Friday night and on Saturday afternoons, we had a phrase that the coaches would use called, “ASSIGNMENT FOOTBALL”.

Your job is to tackle the man when he comes through the three hole, I don’t care if he has the ball or not. I remember on more than one occasion tackling the ball-carrier and he would be laughing and saying, “Ha Ha Ha, I don’t even have the football”. Quick response, “I’m not playing football you jackass, I’m playing ASSIGNMENT FOOTBALL”. Tackle anything that moves in your area. Totally contain your zip code or area code if you will. This is eleven on eleven and every man will be accounted for.

Our job again this year in 2008 will be to account for all the football and especially the high school football in our area. Grimsley has a scrimmage tonight at Winston-Salem Carver and Carver has a new coach this year in Brent David, who replaces Keith Wilkes. You see, we are dishng out information already. Grimsley has two excellent runningbacks in David Ray and Lay Lay Brown and QB Josh Patterson is lacking experience under center but he is being called the early leader of this Whirlie team. Grimsley was (11-2) in 2007.

Carver was (12-2) last year and they are favored to win the Piedmont Triad 3-A Conference again this season. Carver’s top player is Dominique Tate, who has already committed to Wake Forest. Tate is a RB/FS with over 20 career interceptions.

If anyone gets an update or a report on this scrimmage please send it our way and I know we will have GREENSBOROSPORTS.COM spotters Ron Davidson and James Scales Jr. at that game.

We do hear from readers and listeners(we do have audio ballgames now and will have a Thursday night show coming up this fall) and Scotty wanted to know how good Northern Guilford will be this year and if they could qualify for the playoffs? They will be playing 9th, 10th, and 11th graders only this season and they will not be in a conference, they will be Independent. They open up with Victory Christian Center and the Nighthawks will only play four public schools this year. Eastern Randolph, East Lincoln, North Lincoln, and Carrboro. Since Northern is not involved in a complete confernece schedule, this leads me to believe that they will not be eligible for the NCHSAA football playoffs this season. Northern has several new players on this year’s squad.

Top teams in the county this year? Dudley, Page, Grimsley, Ragsdale, Northeast, Southeast, Eastern, Western, High Point Central, Northern, Northwest, High Point Andrews, Southern, Southwest, Smith. That may be your Top 15 in order right there, right now.

Early matchups to be on the lookout for? Page-Northeast Guilford, Dudley-WS Carver, Dudley-Richmond County, Grimsley-Dudley, Ragsdale-Page, Page-Dudley, Ragsdale-Grimsley, Eastern Guilford-Southeast, Northeast-Eastern, Southeast-Southern, High Point Central-Glenn…..

We will keep looking at the local teams as the season approaches and if you hear of any scrimmages or results from these games please let us know and we will give you credit for providing us with the info. Anybody know about any other scrimmages coming up during the rest of this week????? or send it straight to comment box at the site.