Chris Jericho gets a Vinny, A-plus performance on WWE Raw

Chris Jericho can’t get an Oscar or an Emmy for his performance on WWE Raw and his work the night before on the SummerSlam pay-per-view, so we will have to present him with a Vinny in honor of the boss, who hasn’t been on TV lately, Vince McMahon.

The Jericho/Shawn Michaels feud has been off the charts and when Jericho hit Michaels’ wife in the mouth on Sunday night, that got the POP heard round the world. Michaels ducks and Jericho hits the former WCW Nitro girl(Nitro Girl Whisper) smack dab in the face and she ends up with a fat(phat) lip.

Jeircho has hit the A-plus level of Acting/Drama 401, he has to be in his fourth year or maybe even in grad school, Jericho is on fire. He could use a new suit or two, don’t have the same look each night, but other than that Jericho is a doctor of the stage and Michaels and his wife Rebecca are in line for best supporting actors in a Dramatic Series when the leader of all Jerichoholics takes home his Vinny.

CM Punk is still carrying that Title Belt and I do believe he has exceeded all expectations that the front office had for him as the champion.

More Jericho, Michaels, Edge and Punk and you may see more hardware on the shelf soon. As far as the rest of the show goes on Monday, I can’t remember what happened.

5 thoughts on “Chris Jericho gets a Vinny, A-plus performance on WWE Raw

  1. That bump was well played by all. Except for maybe Michaels at the end there with all his huffing and grunting. I thought Batista/Cena wasnt too bad (for two muscle guys anyway). The kids loved it except the ending of course. Homage was paid to Ric Flair as spontaneous 8-10 year old ” Woooooo”s” were heard from time to time. We will definitely have another wrasslin party!

    May have to break out “All Star Wrestling” (or as my son calls it – The Paper Game) next pool season. Been out of Wrasslin for awhile. Kinda fun. Mot as good in my opinion but every generation says that about just about everything I guess.

    I do miss true gibronis (sp?) though. Most everyone is a star these days. CM Punk? Cmon. I thought Kerry would go down as the all time worst “world heavyweight champion”. He has been replaced.

  2. CM Punk vs. RVD(Rob Van Dam) would still be a great match. There’s nothing better than a well-placed kick upside the head.

    Mick, if you are taking us back to the days of Kerry Von Erich, I still remember the Friday that I was on the phone with Tony Schiavone and he broke the news that Kerry Von Erich had just pulled the trigger that day and shot himself in the head, committing suicide in a ravine down in Texas.

  3. I am referring to KVE. Seems several Von Erichs left the world all too soon.

    Who was the worst heavyweight champ of all time might be a good poll. You guys have probably done it before… who “won”?

  4. My early thoughts would lean toward Tommy Rich who had the NWA BELT with the old Georgia Championhip wrestling and there was the time when David Arquette was given the WCW World Title BELT.

    Our associate Bruce Mitchell will have more.

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