Grasshopper Baseball: 9 games left to see two eighteen year old stars!

The 2008 Grasshopper baseball season is down to the final nine home games-a 4 gamer starting tonight(Tuesday) with Greenville coming to town and then the last home stand, August 28th. for a 5 gamer with Lexington to end the season.

The team’s record for the second half is 23 and 34, 5th. place in the Northern Division of the S.A.L.-16 games out of first. So winning anything other than a few more games is outta here. But, let me give you two reasons to go-two almost certain to be in the majors by the time they are old enough to go to the ABC stores[that’s 21 for you folks in Mayodan], both 18 year olds, Center fielder Mike Stanton and Third baseman Matt Dominguez. Mike, a second round pick last year- a steal, by the way-Matt, a first rounder, 12th. overall pick in last year’s draft, both only 18 years old-yes, they were going to proms last year!

I know that the Grasshopper games are attended by lots of fans that don’t care about the on field stuff, other than the giveaway contests, but for those of you real ball fans, if you need a couple of reasons to go, you’ve got TWO-Mike and Matt-you can say you saw them when they were Grasshoppers here in the Gate City, like we do about the shortstop that played here several years ago. My lovely ex wife used to say that she cut his hair and she did!

*****from Jim Modlin*****