Grimsley closes out Martinsville, wins 49-7 over Bulldogs

The Grimsley Whirlies defeated the Martinsville Bulldogs 49-7 this afternoon up in the state of Virginia. The game was all tied up at 7-7 at halftime.

We had that early 4th quarter score for you at 35-7 and Josh Poole and Gary Ziglar both scored on TD runs to push the final to 49-7 Grimsley. The Whirlies are (1-0) and they face Northern Durham at home this Thursday.

6 thoughts on “Grimsley closes out Martinsville, wins 49-7 over Bulldogs

  1. I read this in the Martinsville newspaper online this morning.

    “It’s an exhibition game for us; it doesn’t count on our record,” said Foutz. “It gives a chance for guys to get some game experience, as far as our record goes it doesn’t have any bearing on our season.”

    The Bulldogs will again have senior quarterback DeChane Hairston under center, while University of Richmond recruit Ronwyn Pritchett plays on both lines. Sophomore running back Marquill Eggleston leads a talented group of backs.

    “It should be a chance for us to get to play a lot of young guys that need experience. It gives them a chance to get in there and prove themselves and compete for jobs,” said Foutz, who said he may pull his starters midway through the contest.

    Grimsley 2nd half surge probably had a lot to do with the Martinsville coach pulling his guys out. I don’t know why you would do that though, especially in the first game of the season, wouldn’t you think that you would want your starting guys to stay in there and gel together?

  2. I think that once Martinsville got behind by a couple of scores in the second half, their coach just said to heck with it, now it’s an exhibition.

  3. We can’t really assume anything. I guess the only people that know are the martinsville players and coaches.

  4. Grimsley is gonna win some ball games this year. WATCH OUT when they get Ray and Brown back.

  5. yea it was an exibition, but still i think it was a dumb move to pull the players out at the half being that the game was tied 7-7 at the end of the half

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