Blogger/Jogger sees Red Foxx in the Road

Maybe in an effort to lighten things up a little bit today, I refer back to my morning run/jog.

I was heading down Pleasant Garden Road this morning at about 7:15am and I saw a red fox laying in the road. You don’t see many red foxes around these parts; you may see a gray fox or even a silver fox, but not many of the red ones.

This fox had been hit by a moving motor vehicle and he was no longer with us. The dead red fox adds to the list of other animals that I have seen while on the the road this summer. I have never seen so many geese. Guilford County is now covered up with geese. I have been chased by dogs and ducks, plus I have seen goats, possums, peregrine falcons, buzzards, cats, cows, mules and more.

The Red Foxx in the Road is the new one for this week.