Blogger/Jogger sees Red Foxx in the Road

Maybe in an effort to lighten things up a little bit today, I refer back to my morning run/jog.

I was heading down Pleasant Garden Road this morning at about 7:15am and I saw a red fox laying in the road. You don’t see many red foxes around these parts; you may see a gray fox or even a silver fox, but not many of the red ones.

This fox had been hit by a moving motor vehicle and he was no longer with us. The dead red fox adds to the list of other animals that I have seen while on the the road this summer. I have never seen so many geese. Guilford County is now covered up with geese. I have been chased by dogs and ducks, plus I have seen goats, possums, peregrine falcons, buzzards, cats, cows, mules and more.

The Red Foxx in the Road is the new one for this week.

7 thoughts on “Blogger/Jogger sees Red Foxx in the Road

  1. I do believe that Lamont saw something on the other side and Fred Sanford/the Red Foxx in question said, “Let’s go get it”, and therefore the end result was the end for red fox.

  2. Hey, I’m Fred G. Sanford!
    The G stands for!!!

    Thanks for catching my street-acting performance!
    I got some 8×10 glossies if ya needs ’em!

  3. Fred is that really you? I never thought we’d see or hear from you again. I just got back in myself on Sunday.

    Weezie from the Jeffersons

  4. Yep it’s me Weezie!
    In the flesh!
    Grady tole me you stopped by.
    Ol’ George didn’t finally kick the bucket, did he?
    Sorry that was insensitive.
    Ol’ George didn’t move on to that great cleaners in the sky (or the other one), did he?

    I’m Popeye the sailor man
    I likes to go swimmin’ with bow-legged womens, I’m Fred G. the Junk Dealer Man!

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