A former classmate of Matt Gfeller comments on the young man that left us too soon

Matt Gfeller is the young man from Winston-Salem Reynolds that died from an injury he sustained in the Reynolds-Page football game last Friday night.

Matt was a two-way player and was positioned at linebacker when he took the hit that ended up taking his life. It was a freak accident and nothing could have been done to avoid how it happened.

Here’s what Matt’s former classmate Hayley had to say about 15 year-old Matt Gfeller:
Matt went to my school last year and he was just the nicest and funniest guys I ever met and ever will meet. At our school we have 9th Grade Speeches and Matt’s was ironically on football injuries. I think it was fate that let him at least star in our Musical Bye Bye Birdie, he was Conrad Birdie and he did such a good job. I can still see him singing “You Gotta Be Sincere”. I cannot believe that anything like this to happen to someone who gave so much. But, I bet he is in heaven right now playing football, the sport he loves.

Bye Bye Matthew we’re gonna miss you so. Bye Bye Matthew why’d ya have to go. No more sunshine, its followed you away. For your family I will always pray. I’ll miss the way you smile, as though its just for me and every single night I’ll pray faithfully. Bye Bye Matthew, its awful hard to bear. Bye Bye Matthew, yes I’ll always ca-a-a-a-a-are. Yes I’ll always care.

****A nice touch by Hayley to close out the week when the Matt Gfeller story is going to be talked about again prior to this evening’s games.*****