Football in Focus Show this Friday’s Football in Focus will be running LIVE again tomorrow night, that’s Friday from 6-7pm at the Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace.

The show got under way last Wednesday and was set to move to it’s regular time slot of 6-7 on Thursdays this week but the storm is due to be coming through tomorrow and many of the HS football games were moved to Thursday this week to avoid the storm altogether and we will be at the Dudley-Grimsley game tonight night with reports from Page-Southern Lee.

Football in Focus on Friday and we will be talking high school, college and pro football as always and we hope to have Tom Keller back again from the News and Record if his schedule allows and we will have reps from Grimsley and Page with players, coaches and Athletic Directors in the house for this week’s show. Players, coaches and staff from other schools in the area are welcome to join in and we hope to have some reps from Dudley and other teams in the Shack too.

Doug Cockman will be in the Shack this week to talk college football and Jim Modlin will have the first edition of his NFL picks.

It should make for a good LIVE show so if you want to hit the web, and be on LIVE internet TV, head to Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace near the Grimsley HS campus tomorrow night from 6-7pm.

Last week we had right at 500 viewers to watch the show either in the LIVE version or on tape from Ustream TV. Not bad for round one.

You’ll have a chance to see us and we hope to see you at Shane’s Rib Shack tomorrow night.

2 thoughts on “Football in Focus Show this Friday

  1. Grimsley being a run only offense will get shut out like this against teams that have very stout run stopping defenses. (ie. Dudley, and regretfully Page)

    Also, how is Josh’s shoulder? how bad is it?

  2. We are supposed to have Coach Saunders on the Show tonight at around 6, tune in if we don’t have info before then.

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