Marion Jones let loose in San Antone

San Antonio, TX–Sprinter and former UNC Tar Heel basketball player, Marion Jones, has been released from federal prison after completing her sentence for lying about her steroid use.

A federal Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman says Jones was released Friday morning from a halfway house in San Antonio after serving most of her six month sentence for lying to federal investigators. Jones lied about her use of performance-enhancing drugs in 2007. A steroid dealer testified that he gave Jones a cocktail of drugs before the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

She was stripped of her five medals in 2007 after admitting that she used the drugs and sentenced to serve six months in federal prison.

Let’s hear it for Caroline Lind from Page HS and the US women’s rowing team that won GOLD at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. I heard she did some of her training at the big lake over off of North Elm Street near East Cone Blvd. and you can see this her home pond, just up the street from the Page campus.

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