Oh! What a night! N.C. A&T and Winston-Salem State in Pictures!

The story is here and the pictures will be arriving ASAP as the Aggies relish their (2-0) record heading into Monday’s practice……We had three LIVE reports on Saturday games with Jim at NC A&T, Bruce Bullington at N.C. State, and our LIVE update from Don on Guilford’s win over Greensboro College. Paul Lambeth and I were both at the Guilford/GC game, but Paul was so busy giving out his PTL III autographs, that there was no time left to follow the game.

Here’s the storyline from Jim Modlin who was at the N.C. A&T game and filed this brief report with the pics coming soon…..

If you’ve never attended a BIG football game at A & T, I highly recommend that you go. The atmosphere is really something special-starting and ending with the tailgating-they tailgate after the contest is over,too-the bands-the dancing girls-cheerleaders-the packed house-the mascots; Mr. Aggie whizzed on my leg-all in jest, of course-the beautiful field-oh, let’s not forget the teams, A & t is 2-0 now after beating Winston State 14-8.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Enjoy and tell your friends!