Chase for the CiCi’s Pizza should be a good one

The NFL Picks contest for Week #1, with the winner grabbing the Two Pizza Buffets and Drinks from the local CiCi’S Pizza, should be a good one as we head into Monday night.

It all will come down to the two Monday night games and the tie-breaker from the Carolina Panthers-San Diego Chargers game could come into play.

Here’s how things stack up going into tonight’s games:
Cecil and April tied at (8-4)
Rick and Kathe locked up at (7-5)
Marshall and Chuckyd holding at (6-6)
and NotJimMelvin is on the edge at (5-7).

In the points chase from the Panthers/Chargers game, Cecil had it 50pts. and April weighed with 35. The final was 26-24 and Cecil says he can smell that Pizza but April tells Mr. Carr there will be no Buffet Bar unless Carr can ride home with two wins on Monday night.

Big Jim Modlin stands at (8-4) after the Sunday Showdowns and we shall see if our contestants can beat the Pro/Jock as this Race heads toward the home stretch for Week Number One.

We still need to get Rob Shelton, Johnny Smith, Roch Smith, JA Joey and others from last year’s sweepstakes suited up and back into the games.