If you like speed and who doesn’t, go west young man! NHRA in Concord this weekend!

OK guys, if you like being shot out of a cannon, don’t go to the circus…..go to the NHRA event this weekend in Concord at the brand, spanking new Z-Max Dragway.

You’ll actually feel the pavement shake as the fuel cars[that’s the nitro methane ones for the Mayodan group] explode off the line. To give you an idea of the power of the Top Fuel and The Funny cars, NASCAR’s rides have about 850 horsepower; Andy’s Toyota has about 125 h.p.; a Corvette upwards of 400 horses; The NHRA fuel cars pack over 8,000 HORSEPOWER! It’s really a sight, sound and smell[the nitro has an odor that’s somewhere around illegal and dangerous] spectacular.

The new strip is probably equipped safety wise where the fuel cars could get stopped safely after a 1/4 mile run, but due to the tragic crash and death of funny car driver Scott Kallita, the runs have been reduced from the standard 1320 feet[that’s a 1/4 mile for the Mayodan necks] to 1000 feet for the rest of this season. Even with the reduced distance the cars will still be well over 300 m.p.h. and around 4+ seconds e.t.

One of the many great things about NHRA, is that the drivers are so accessible. You can get up close in the pits around the drivers, cars and the crews. Autographs and pictures are easily gotten. This leads me to the best driver and interviewee in all of motor sports, if not sports-period-John Force. After nearly getting killed in a crash last season, John is back and and will be driving his heap[that’s what he calls it] his funny car Mustang down the track. His daughter Ashley Force is a Mustang funny car driver, too. She puts The Patrick chick to shame in looks and ability, too! Not bad to look at, to say the least!

If you can’t make it down I-85, ESPN 2 will have coverage, although taped delayed, it is still a treat. TV doesn’t do most sports justice and NHRA Drag Racing is close to the top of that list, but it’s better than nothing! Check your local listing.

*****from Jim Modlin GREENSBOROSports.com*****