You can always get a Peaceful Easy Feeling at the Guilford College football games

There’s nothing like the Peaceful Easy Feeling of a Guilford College Quaker football game and that feeling was in the air at the Armfield Athletic Center as the Quakers defeated Methodist 34-33 on the Herb Appenzeller Field on Saturday night.

I arrived at halftime and the Quakers were up 13-12 and the second half went 20-13 Methodist, then 20-20 as the Quakers tied it up, then it went 27-20 Guilford, 34-20 Guilford, and then 34-27 Quakers, and finally 34-33 with Guilford coming out on top after Methodist botched the snap on the PAT attempt and the Monarchs were forced to go for two and came up empty on what could have been the game-tying play late in the fourth quarter.

The mood around Guilford is always peaceful and easy and just what you would expect to find on a Quaker campus.

I ran into Ron Davidson(Quaker grad), Wayne Butler(Elon grad), Bryan Jones(Elon grad), Randy Doss(Guilford grad) Tom Palumbo(Guilford AD), Wayne Butler’s wife(Masters in Education/University or College unknown)) and a few other fans that felt like Saturday night was right not for fighting, but for enjoying the Peaceful Easy Feeling of a Guilford College football game.

The Quakers will even help you back up when they knock you down and there appeared to be a number of Steve Forbert look-alikes amongst the crowd gathered to watch this athletic contest on Saturday evening.

You can always get a Peaceful Easy Feeling on the Guilford College Quaker Campus, just off West Friendly Avenue at New Garden Road.