Additional Important Palomino Baseball Information

Additional Information…………………………You will need to keep all of this in mind for the Fall Palomino Baseball Season

Coaches will flip prior to game to determine home team.

All games are at Stoner White Stadium

The Concession stand will be open for all games.

Admission is $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for seniors and students, under 6 is free.

Head Coach for the team and his wife will be admitted free. In addition, one assistant coach and a designated scorekeeper will be admitted free. The Head Baseball Coach for any High School will be admitted free.

Baseballs: At the beginning of each game, each team will provide 2 balls to the plate umpire. Following the initial supply, the teams will rotate providing a ball tothe ump. Coaches are encouraged to designate someone to run up foul balls.

Two Hour Time Limit: When time expires after two hours, the game is over. If a player is at bat when time expires, the player will finish out his at bat, then the game is over.

For courtesy purposes, a line up card should be furnished to the opposing coach. It is not necessary to furnish your line up to the press box.

In the event of rainout, we will notify the coaches by cell as soon as we know a game will be cancelled.

5 thoughts on “Additional Important Palomino Baseball Information

  1. let them at least finish the inning!

    I can see it now: the team ahead in a close game with time running down will change pitchers every batter until time has expired. j/k, i hope.

  2. From what I have been hearing, the Colts, Palomino, and Jr. HiToms are all up and rolling.

    If anybody has results, please send our way and we will print them.

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