O.J.’s back on trial:We’ve got the website for viewing!

As bizarre as it is, O.J.’s back on trial. This time for the robbery- kidnapping fiasco of memorabilia in a Las Vegas hotel room. The regular T.V. has it until 3 p.m. on TruTV or what used to be called CourtTV. Now, we know some of you will have no use for this deal no matter where it is televised. For those of you that do it is on the web at lasvegasnow.com. This is a Las Vegas trial, so a great deal of the trial is on after regular TV coverage has ended.

The judge in this case is most definitely in charge and takes no B.S. from anyone-lawyers or prosecutors. To the surprise of no one, the case and trial is as twisted as your best pretzel. At this writing, star witness, Thomas Riccio is on the stand under direct examination by the prosecutor.

If you are interested, now you know where to go for viewing-lasvegasnow.com.
*****from Jim Modlin GREENSBOROSports.com*****