Greenville player dies after collapsing during Hoggard game

Greenville Rose running back Jaquan Waller, injured in the second quarter against Hoggard Friday night in a high school football game, died on Saturday morning in Pitt County Memorial Hospital.

He was carted from the stadium Friday night after being tackled on a play in which he fumbled. He walked off the field, but then collapsed on the sideline. The cause of death was not known.

“I was not aware he was injured,â€â€ Hoggard coach Scott Braswell said. “The game was never delayed.â€â€

He says he doesnâ€t remember the play or who tackled Waller.

Braswell knew Waller was in critical condition early Saturday because the coach said he saw it on Braswell tried to phone Rampants coach Todd Lipe on Saturday for an update. Instead, he talked to Lipeâ€s wife and she delivered the bad news.

“It is very unsettling thinking about the young manâ€s family, teammates, friends and coaches,â€â€ Braswell said.

While Braswell said injuries are a part of the game, this is the first time he has been involved in a game where a player died.

“My heart just goes out to his family,â€â€ he said.

Braswell was not sure if the Vikings†players knew of Wallerâ€s death. He thinks they do because many read

According to the Greenville Daily Reflector, Wallerâ€s teammates were at the hospital when he died.

One player, Dominique Sherman told the newspaper: “He (Waller) had a concussion Tuesday. He didnâ€t go to the doctor. I donâ€t know what coach knew.â€â€

Waller is the third N.C. high school player to pass away this season.