Kurt Angle getting ready for MMA action

Kurt Angle told the UK Sun that he’s planning his MMA debut for sometime before the end of 2009. “I’m talking to several fight companies about doing MMA by the end of next year – 2009. I’m going to cross over to the MMA world for a while but I want to end up back in TNA and back in wrestling.

“I’ve always wanted to do it. I’m the only Olympic gold medallist that will enter the Octagon and it feels right for me. I can almost guarantee you’re going to see me in the Octagon.” Angle claimed that he’s received offers from UFC, Elite XC, Affliction, and the IFL. To read the full interview, visit the UK Sun.com.
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2 thoughts on “Kurt Angle getting ready for MMA action

  1. So you’re saying that I have a better chance of making MMA than Kurt Angle does.

    Big fight next Saturday night with Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock(Vince Torelli), at least big in names if nothing else and it’s on FREE TV at CBS.

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