The “Most Asked Question” these days:Who will be the new Baseball Coach at Grimsley?

The question is coming up a lot and has anyone heard anything????? The only name I have heard mentioned is Jason Simmons and I don’t know him at all. Heard he is a good guy and that he went to and played college ball at Elon, but we have nothing else on his background.

Grimsley has a lot of talent coming back in Gabe Dimock, Sawyer Highfill, George Carter, Lashawn Brown, Logan Dunn, Brian Rose, Taylor Lee, plus the freshman everyone is talking about, David “DJ” Reader and there’s another freshman that might make the team in Ryan Stoneman.

Cal Sutphin has moved on to Southwest Guilford and DJ Russ is at Veritas Acadmey but the Grimsley job is still very enticing. Who’s up next for the Grimsley Whirlies?????

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  1. Well if there is only one name out there then when will they name him the Head Coach? Who in this city would be good for this job?

  2. Jason Simmons could heal the wounds at Grimsley. Some of his qualifications. Head Coach at Burlington Williams, asst. coach at Elon, Legion coach for many years, showcase with the top program IMPACT/Dirtbags, middle school coach, currently asst. coach at Sou. Guilford. Somewhat young (around 30-32) and relates well to kids. Not sure how he does with parents which is obviously a facter at Grimsley. Also played the game at a high level. Respected in the community. Knows how to interact with college coaches from Legion, Showcase and other jobs. Well connected. I know he has shown interest to Newman, Grimsley AD.

  3. Andy there have been alot more applications sent in to lewis newman. somewhere in the 8-10 range. but all i know is darris sawyer(the jv coach from last year), harndin? head coach at page, nick taylor ass. coach at page. The Proleific power head coach(who is most likely going to get the job) and then some hpc and andrews coaches. But there will never be another AL!

  4. I was at the Grimsley football practice yesterday and the name I kept hearing was Johnson or Johnston from Memphis. I also heard Justin Smith and Lou the PG All-Star Tee Ball Coach.

  5. I am a Page Pirate parent and i was at Stoner White on Sunday for the Palomino Fall League Baseball Game and I saw Justin Smith there routing for his NOrthern High School Team. There is no way he would leave his father and coach at Grimsley. Justin has helped many kids in this area get to the next level and i hope one day my son will get a chance to play for him at Proehlific.

    Page Pirate Mom

  6. I have seen so much love and support expressed in this and other blogs for Grimsley former baseball coach. It’s obvious that he had an impact and will continue to have an impact on kids in this area. I just hope and pray that whoever takes over this program is given a fair chance by parents, administrators, and players.

  7. Doesn’t really matter who Newman & Brady hire. It simply needs to be done quickly. A lot of opportunities are being missed from having no one at the helm. The players and the entire program are suffering because of procrastination. Someone PLEASE make a decision.

  8. YOu know if they were to hire to hire the baseball coach could be practicing and working out the kids but now they go home and not doing what it takes to be a good baseball player. I bet Alan has them hitting at GBC

  9. Just wondering, simply refering to the comments that have been made to me directly by current players and parents. If you were here a few weeks ago you will remember not everyone was happy about the coaching change. I’m sure someone is happy about it. Thankfully I don’t have a kid in this.

  10. What about Richard Watkins as the new Grimsley baseball coach? He has the background as a former A and T player and he was one of the key assistants on Mr. Ashkinazy’s coaching staff so he would have good insight into the Whirlie program.

  11. I would hope that they at least within the school system for a qualified person. What I mean is a teacher, educator, administration, etc. If it is decided there isn’t one available then I guess you look outside.

  12. Since everyone is commenting lets have a competeition you will be the next coach at Grimsley High School?

  13. How about who will be the next coach at Grimsley?????

    We don’t need any players or parents names being tossed around but right down the line,”WHO WILL BE THE NEXT BASEBALL COACH AT GRIMSLEY? Maybe we can round up a prize for the first correct guess, like a FREE PASS to all the upcming games.

  14. To continue just a bit.

    In a perfect world Ms. Brady would say this has been a reality show and it will end like the last episode of Dallas or Seinfeld and all of this posturing was just a dream and Grimsley has decided to reinstate Alan.

    That won’t be the case so the contest will go on as to, “Who Will Be The Next Baseball Coach At Grimsley”?????

    Any serious takers in this contest? Why do we try and turn everything into a contest or public event?

    The competitive spirit lives on in all of us.

  15. I vote for a coach that will get the most out of his players, that will work them hard in practice, and that will play to win. Yes, parents, this could mean your son might be tired after practice, he might get yelled at occasionally, and he might not play as much as you would like. But, hopefully he’ll get better and the TEAM will have a greater chance of success.

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