Football in Focus for Thursday night at Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace

Thursday’s show is being solidified with visits planned from the Page Pirates, the Dudley Panthers and the Northwest Guilford Vikings.

We expect to have offensive lineman Josh Johnson and defensive back DeAndre Leach from Page, DB Quan Nevels and LB Tevin Williams from Dudley and we will have Coach Joe Woodruff and his Vikings, who are in the midst of a bye week, coming on board from NWG.

We are already looking forward to Thursday’s show which you can view LIVE here at and in addition to our local high school football segments we will be talking once again to Doug Cockman about the ACC and area college football and we will have our NFL Insider and picks guru Big Jim Modlin with us to go inside the National Football League. I do expect Paul Lambeth to show up one week and try and take over the set. Paul has been living with a very short fuse ever since his buddy Johnny Renshaw left town about 15 years ago.

That will be LIVE, tomorrow night, from Shane’s Rib Shack on Westover Terrace from 6 until 7pm or there abouts and we will have all of the above mentioned guests plus more from the Rib Shack LIVE on Thursday night. The show will have LIVE video and audio being streamed from UStream TV which is just like watching a Television show on your computer.

As the old sportcaster Charlie Harville used to say, “That’s the BEST in Sports Tomorrow”, or was that Today……