I’m staying at the site, JUST KIDDING

I have decided not to take that new coaching job. I am not leaving, I am staying at the site/blog.

Norb Burske who owns and operates Crown Trophy was telling me about the coaching vacancy at OLG last night. Our Lady of Grace needs a Girls Varsity Basketball Coach and the season starts in just two weeks. The varsity coach at OLG is moving down to take over the JV program only and now Our Lady of Grace needs a Varsity girls basketball coach.

OLG is a feeder program for Bishop McGuinness and Our Lady of Grace has some good hoops going on. Norb told me to take the job, but I told him I better stay at the site/blog.

It almost becomes like a Saturday Night Live skit. You need to take that job, JUST KIDDING…Well I think I could handle it, JUST KIDDING….You know they could use your help, JUST KIDDING….A job like that requires a lot of time and effort and you don’t go after a job such as this without having the time to give it your all, JUST KIDDING…..

Have you ever seen that Saturday Night Live Skit? It’s like, JUST KIDDING…JUST KIDDING…JUST KIDDING…JUST KIDDING all over the place…..

No kidding, they do need a new Varsity girls basketball coach over at Our Lady of Grace and practice starts in just two weeks…..The Varsity at OLG goes grades 6-8 if my numbers are working.

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