Tale of Two Totally Different Halves as Davie County tops Page

Page came out in the first half and took control of the game busting out to a convincing lead and looked to sail away to a homecoming night victory. But, anyone who knows what Davie County can do on offense knew that they were going to try and put themselves in a situation to win at the end of the game, and that is just what they did.

The game started out like a heavyweight boxing match, both teams had short drives and then punted. Feeling each other out.

Page would open up the scoring on the next drive and it was started by a 35 yard pass from Will Newman to Thuc Phan for about a 35 yard strike. On the next play Perry Friar punches it in from 5 yards out. 7-0.

The Page defense would then hold Davie to a 3 and out and looked to add to their lead. Friar breaks a 15 yard run on 1st down. A couple of plays later and a false start led to 3rd and 12, the Pirates would convert on a 20 yard pass from Newman to Jeremy Collie. A couple more Davie stops leads to a field goal try from 48 yards out. Matt Millisor hits it, 10-0. But wait, roughing the kicker.. 15 yard personal foul.. first down. After 2 Friar runs, TD from 5 yards out. 14-0.

Davie County’s next possession wasn’t a pretty one as Page put loads of pressure on QB Zach Illing. Back to back sacks sets up a 3rd and 30, screen pass to Mayfield stopped and Davie is forced to punt.

On Page’s ensuing drive, Newman rolls out and hits Friar on a 30 yard pass, setting up a Friar 9 yard run down to the 9 yard line. End of the 1st Quarter. 1st and goal for the Pirates on the first play of the 2nd quarter, Newman fake hand off to Friar keeps it for a 9 yard rushing TD, 21-0.

Davie’s first play on their next drive is a fumbled screen pass from Illing to Mayfield recovered by Page. It seems like everything went in favor of the Pirates in the 1st half. Page would capitalize on the turnover as Newman hits Brad Workinger for a 15 yard strike. Two plays later Friar jukes his way to a 25 yard TD rushing TD. The PAT is missed. 27-0.

But this time, Davie looked to stop the bleeding as Illing connected on a long 55 yard pass to Joe Watson setting up a 29 yard passing score from the same two players. Trick play for the 2 point conversion is good, 27-8. I thought to myself at this point that, Page’s missed PAT and Davie’s converted 2 points might make a difference in the game later on.

Page’s next drive looked promising as Newman hooked up with Workinger for a 15 yard pass on a 3rd and 7. Next play a 8 yard run by Friar on a direct snap. A couple of penalties later, Page punts. Davie would then be held by Page, to a 4th and short at midfield. The War Eagles would go for it on a short curl route, but the pass is broken up. Turnover on downs. Page ball on the 43. Newman would show his speed as he broke loose for two rushes for 10+ yards each. A 20 yard pass to Workinger would set up a Friar 10 yard TD run. 34-8 at the half.

What a dominating half by the Pirates, Everyone was thinking that after 2 tough losses to Ragsdale and Dudley (combined record of 14-0 now), Page was playing for real, and it definitely showed. But, I knew that Coach Illing and the War Eagles were not just going to lay down in the 2nd half. So I figured I would go ahead and buckle up for the ride.

Davie would come out in the 2nd half looking to rally in a hurry, as 2 pretty long plays made it look like the War Eagles would go down for a score. But the Pirate defense tightens and forces a punt. Page would break the line as the punt was partially block by TJ Todd, giving Page the ball at the 44 yard line.

Page would then go 3 and out, which was probably the worse thing that could happen at the time. Giving the War Eagles the ball with virtually no time taken off the clock. Plus, if Page would have found the end zone the game potentially would have been simply out of reach, but as everyone knows.. this didn’t happen. So, Page punts and Perry James gets a pretty nice return to the 38. This is the point in the game where it seemed like all of the momentum shifted. Illing to Mayfield for a 35 yard reception and then a 30 yarder to Watson sets up a 1st and goal from the 6. Page would stuff the rushing attempts to bring up 3rd and goal from the 6. Watson would then catch a 6 yard pass from Illing. 2 points converted, 34-16.

Page would go 3 and out again. The punt was muffed by Perry James, and Page was very close to recovering. Davie would start deep in there own territory at the 12 yard line. First play on the drive a 40 yard catch, add another 15 yard on a personal foul penalty. Then another long bomb pass to Watson, sets up a Mayfield rushing TD on the next play. 2 points conversion, no good. 34-22

On Page’s next drive, a couple of nice stops by the War Eagles puts the Pirates in a 3rd and 10 try, as its put through by a catch from Collie. But Davie would show heart on defense and stop the Pirates in there tracks as the drive is stopped by a dropped pass by Workinger.

On the first Davie play, Mayfield would steamroll his way to a 45 yard TD on a screen pass from Illing. Making it 34-29.

Page’s next possession is one we’d like to forget. On 3rd and 14, Newman finds Collie streaking down the middle for a 45 yard completion. But, on the next play. Newman went to pitch the ball to Friar, it was batted down by a War Eagle defender for a fumble and recovered by Santana Arnold for a TD. 36-34.

Page would then move the ball on there next drive, Newman to Collie for a 30 yarder on 3rd down. Friar then ran a nice 10 yard attempt, but he fumbles as he hit the ground. The officials huddles for a good 15-20 seconds to discuss whether or not he was down. They ruled it a fumble and Davie recovered. The next War Eagle possession proved to be just what the Pirates would need to stay in the game. Just say that again.. just what the Pirates would need to STAY in the game, who would have thought that after being up 34-8 at half time. Anyways, Davie on a 3rd and 9 would pass to Watson, and he drops a pass that would have potentially set up a 2 possession lead. On the Punt try, the snap sailed over the punters head into the end zone, into the back of it for a safety. 36-36.

Page would get the ball and looked to score on a drive that was stopped by another turnover, this time a Newman pass that was intercepted. Illing to make 2 nice throws to bring the WE’s to the 20. Mayfield would scoot in from the 20. 43-36. 2:56 remaining in the game.

Page’s last drive of the game, and this was do or die. Page was held to 4th and 6 at around the 45 yard line. This is the part of the game where I said to myself, this is it.. the last play of the game. Newman found his check down receiver Friar in the flat for a 35 yard pick up with about a minute left. Newman then found Workinger across the middle for a 20 yard TD. 43-43.

The War Eagles tried to move down the field for a FG attempt. But, was stopped by a Gabe King sack for 10 yards. 43-43 End of regulation.

Page got the ball first in Overtime. first play Friar runs 9 yards to the 1 yard line around the right side, setting up a 1 yard QB sneak by Newman for the TD, but the PAT was blocked by a couple of surging War Eagles down the middle. 49-43. On Davie’s first play, Illing fumbled that Page almost recovered to seal the win, but no. On the next play, Illing found Watson in the back right side of the endzone, just out of the reach of the Page defender. And the PAT proved to be enough for the Davie County War Eagles as they win this game, scoring 35 points in the 2nd half.

Here are the stats that I received from the Page stat keeper.

Davie CountyPage
First downs1218
Passing yards363306
Davie County082114750