Aunt Eloise gone like a breeze at WTQR, and how your favorite radio personality nearly died

Toby Young the man who played the part of Aunt Eloise at 104.1 WTQR is a Clemson-grad and has always been a huge Clemson Tiger football fan. Maybe AE/Toby Young should update the resume and head on down to Death Valley and get ready to replace Tommy Bowden as the head football coach. Aunt Eloise gone from WTQR from and

GREENSBOROOne of the best-known radio personalities in the Triad is no longer on the air.

After 23 years as the popular morning radio host at country music station WTQR-FM, “Aunt Eloise” was fired from the station.

The man who plays the character told WXII, “I would love to have stayed, but they had other ideas. God bless them, and I hope maybe someday I’ll be back.”

He went on to say that he wanted to thank his fans for their support over the years.

“Aunt Eloise” and the late “Big Paul” Franklin formed the popular hosting team until Franklin’s death in 2002. He was riding with his wife and friends to bike week in Myrtle Beach when he was killed in a crash in Randolph County.

More on the “BIG CHEESE”, Aunt Eloise leaving WTQR from the and the WS Journal:
I wanted to stay, but they have other ideas and want to move in other directions, and I wasn’t a part of it,” said Toby Young, who played Eloise, the bombastic morning-show host on the country-music station.

Aunt Eloise was a popular character on the Triad station for many years, and was teamed up with various morning hosts at the station, including Dale Mitchell, “Big Paul” Franklin (who was killed in a traffic accident in 2002) and “Brother Bill” Dotson. Eloise was nominated for a Country Music Association award several times over the years, including a win in 1998 for Eloise and Big Paul.

Young didn’t want to discuss the details of his dismissal from the station.

“It hurts,” he said. “Speaking personally, God has a plan for everybody, but I don’t know what it is for me.”

For the past several years, Young has been in and out of the hospital.

“I’ve had two hip operations and diverticulitis,” he said. “And I’ve had 10 operations, off and on in the last three years. I’m still paying hospital bills. I almost died during one of the surgeries, but they brought me back.

“I hate what’s happening to me personally, but I just thank God I’m alive.”

Young said he hopes to get back into radio in the Triad market.

But for now, a no-compete clause in his contract will keep him off other radio stations in the market for six months.

“I’ll just sit down and lick my wounds and thank God I’m still here,” he said.