Mick gets on the stick with his picks:BANG BANG!!!!!

Here’s the update on the picks contest as we head into the Monday night game with New Orleans and Minnesota. Mick and Bang Bang Ben are going to win and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold Austin said something to that extent October 6, 1998 and CyberSunday was born.

CyborgSunday was yesterday as Mick and Bang Bang Ben went (12-1) and they are in the clear as we head toward MNF. Paul Lambeth was (10-3), Chuckyd and Buzz went (9-4), Kevin was (8-5), NJM left one game out and went (7-5), unless I am missing something and that could be the case, Big Jim Modlin and Bro’Man stand at (7-6).

Quite a showing from Mick and the team and let’s see who is the “Last Man Standing”, when this series of matches is over.