Mick and Bang Bang Ben get the WIN

Here’s the final update on the picks contest as we had the Monday night game with Minnesota winning out over New Orleans 30-27. Mick and Bang Bang Ben are your winners with and all-time best record of (13-1).

Paul Lambeth was (10-4), Buzz was (10-4), Chuckyd and Kevin went (9-5), Big Jim Modlin closed it out at (8-6), NJM left one game out and finished (7-6), and Bro’Man ended up at (7-7).

The next picks page comes out this Thursday and Mick will doing the driving and Bang Bang Ben will be digging in at CiCi’s Pizza with the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet coming their way any day, just watch your mailbox and here comes that CiCi’s Pizza and Drinks……..

Quite a showing from Mick and the team and let’s see who is the “Last Man Standing”, when this series of matches is over.